Netflix’s Castlevania Renewed for Season 2

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Netflix has renewed its animated Castlevania adaptation for a second season, on the same day as the first four episode season premiered worldwide on Netflix.

The second season will apparently feature eight episodes, double the four episode length that the first season has.

The animated Castlevania adaptation has been receiving positive reviews from fans and critics alike in the small amount of time since its release, and seems to be doing well with both fans of the game series, and newcomers who are curious about the world of Castlevania, or are simply fans of the voice cast.

If you’re curious about the show but you haven’t sunk your teeth into it yet, you can read our spoiler-free review of the first season of Netflix’s Castlevania here.

What did you think of the new Castlevania series? Did you have a favourite moment or character? Let us know in the comments below!


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