WWE Money in the Bank 2017 Match Card and Predictions

Who've you got for Money in the Bank 2017? Here's the card and our predictions on who's coming out on top.


WWE Money In The Bank is this Sunday and the Smackdown Live roster are gearing up for what could be a very memorable evening of in ring action. This year the event will play host to a very first when it hosts the first ever women’s Money In The Bank ladder match. Money In The Bank has always been one of those events that is worth the investment of time, the landscape of WWE usually changes in a big way. This Sunday I am certain will have some major talking points when it is all said and done, so let’s get right down to the predictions.

I am not aware of any kick-off show matches at this point but if I were to venture a guess I would assume we will see Breezango taking on the Colons. It would be a shame for Breezango not to be on the card at all as they have been excellent recently. I would also predict if this match happens that we will see another successful win for Breezango.


Smackdown Women’s Championship Match

Naomi vs. Lana


Naomi vs. Lana

This is a matchup that is being met with a lot of skepticism from the WWE Universe. Lana, who has yet to wrestle a singles match, has walked her way into the title picture.

On Bring It To The Table, Corey Graves mentioned that people should not worry about Lana and her in-ring ability as she has been spending 3 plus days a week at the WWE Performance Center training for her in-ring debut. Lana has everything to prove here in this match, while Naomi has everything to lose at the same time. If Lana goes out and gives a quality match regardless of the outcome, she will walk away looking like gold. On the other hand, if Lana were to be successful here, it could really hurt the success of Naomi at the same time. I feel the best outcome to this match would be for Naomi to pick up the win and that is who I am going to predict to win too. I have a strong prediction that this match is going to go on later in the night after the women’s Money In The Bank ladder match and the winner of that match is going to chase and capture the title from Naomi.

Winner: Naomi


Smackdown Tag Team Championship Match

The Usos vs. The New Day

Smackdown Tag Team MITB

Wrestling fans, don’t you dare be sour, clap for your longest reigning tag champs and feel them go into this match only to come up short. The New Day are fantastic, but I believe that it is not quite time to pull the trigger on them taking the titles off of the Usos just yet. The Usos have been on a roll as of late and their promo work has only increased my interest in them. This will be a great tag team match and I am sure that it will end with Usos playing dirty to pick up the win and carry this newly formed feud to Summerslam.

Winner: The Usos


Money In The Bank Women’s Match

MITB Women's Match

This match is the very first of its kind and probably the most intriguing part of the show as it stands currently. This match will see Charlotte, Becky Lynch, Tamina, Carmella, and Natalya all do battle in order to gain the briefcase and be dubbed the very first Miss Money In The Bank. It would be easy to make a guess of Charlotte coming out on top in this one as she is quite clearly the cream of the crop in the women’s division of WWE, no matter what show she is on, but Money In The Bank has been a great stepping stone for the WWE to make new stars, which is why I feel the win is going to go to someone that is not as well established just yet – it is the perfect opportunity for either Tamina or Carmella to come out on top.

Carmella has had a very decent win/loss record since she came to Smackdown and it is why I am placing her as the one I feel WWE are going to push in this match. Ellsworth is going to play a hand in the finish to it all, possibly even costing Becky Lynch the win. I then predict Carmella is going to take her win and cash it in after the women’s title match and take the title from Naomi.

Winner: Carmella


Money In The Bank MEN’s Match

MITB 2017

It is really hard to predict the outcome of the Money In The Bank match at the moment, and that is not exactly a bad thing, either. I mentioned about how the Money In The Bank match has been used to help create new stars so it would be perfect for a Sami Zayn or Baron Corbin win here, but I just do not see that being where this one is going. The WWE seems very high on Shinsuke Nakamura, so I have a feeling we could see Nakamura holding that briefcase at the end of the night.

It would be great to see Shinsuke take the win, cash it in a few months down the road or closer to the end of the year. Then AJ Styles could win the Royal Rumble and go on to challenge Nakamura in the main event of Wrestlemania. I may just be hoping too much, though.

Winner: Shinsuke Nakamura


WWE Championship Match

Jinder Mahal vs Randy Orton

MITB Orton

The WWE Universe was in shock when Jinder Mahal captured the WWE Championship from Randy Orton and since then been very divided in their opinions of whether or not the choice to make Jinder champion was a good one or not. I am one of the fans who thinks it was a excellent idea to take a chance on someone new, the industry needs new stars and you never know just how good someone could truly be until you give them that chance to shine. I would say so far Jinder has looked solid as champion and makes for a great heel. The whole anti-USA character has been done so many times but it is done because it works so damn well. This match is not going to end well for Randy Orton, either – the match might end with interference caused by the return of Rusev. I feel like Rusev is going to come out and attack Jinder Mahal, who he was in a program with prior to taking off for surgery. Rusev will cost Jinder the match, but Jinder will retain as a result.

Winner: Randy Orton via DQ

No matter what the outcome, Money In The Bank should be a really fun time. What are your thoughts and predictions? Let me know in the comments below who you think will walk out victorious this Sunday.

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