Minecraft PS5 Edition: Everything You Should Know


If we’re talking popular video games, then Minecraft is definitely one that comes to mind. Thanks to its survival experience and countless creative possibilities, the open-world sandbox game has a special place in the hearts of many gamers worldwide. Minecraft is also widely available for players since it supports multiple platforms today, except for some.

Today, fans are still waiting for a Minecraft PlayStation 5 version. Although there are other ways to play it on the PS5, Mojang Studios has yet to release a dedicated PS5 port for Minecraft. That begs the question, when will the Minecraft PS5 version be released?


When Is Minecraft PS5 Coming Out?

Unfortunately, there’s no official announcement of Minecraft’s PS5 release date. It also hasn’t been confirmed if the Minecraft PS5 version will be developed in the first place.

Furthermore, Microsoft, who acquired Mojang in 2014, isn’t on good terms with Sony due to the potential Activision deal. Recently, Sony made claims that Microsoft could potentially sabotage Call of Duty for PlayStation if they merged with Activision.

With everything going on between the two companies, Minecraft’s future on PlayStation consoles is looking grimmer by the moment. Unless Sony and Microsoft agree to work together after the drama, Minecraft will never arrive to the PS5 or future PlayStation consoles. Despite this, the Minecraft PS4 edition is still getting updates and you can play Minecraft on the PS5 just fine.


How To Play Minecraft On PS5

Thanks to backward compatibility, Minecraft can be played on PS5 using the Minecraft PS4 version. You can play it by purchasing a physical copy of Minecraft PS4 or by downloading it from the PlayStation Store of your PS5.

You can also install Minecraft through other means, such as external drives or via WiFi. If you have a PS4, you can copy the Minecraft PS4 edition into an external drive and play it from there by plugging it into your PS5. On the other hand, you can also use the Data Transfer feature on both consoles to transmit the game using WiFi.

Bear in mind, this is not a PS5 version of Minecraft. It’s just the PS4 version played on PS5. There aren’t any significant feature changes or performance boosts from playing Minecraft backwards compatible.


What Features Could Minecraft PS5 Have?

Sony and Microsoft better make amends because Minecraft could definitely utilize the power of the PS5. One of the main features that could be added is ray tracing. Although a ray tracing option can be seen on the Minecraft PS4 settings, it can’t be activated yet. This could change if Minecraft gets released for PS5 so console players can finally enjoy the beauty that PC players experience through shaders and Nvidia RTX.

Another advantage of a Minecraft PS5 port is the load times. By utilizing the PS5’s built-in SSDs, load times will drastically decrease for PS5 players when they’re exploring their world or traveling across realms. Although Minecraft already benefits from this through backward compatibility, Mojang can patch Minecraft so it can be made to fully support SSDs on consoles.


Will Minecraft on PS5 Be Physical or Digital?

Minecraft’s PS5 edition will most likely be available on the PS Store, assuming it does get released. It’s also highly possible that a separate Minecraft PS5 disc edition will be available if it gets ported, as Minecraft sell extremely well physically because it makes a good gift for Christmas, birthdays, and special occasions.

While waiting for news on its release, you can check out other games similar to Minecraft to play in the meantime.

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