Is Hi-Fi Rush Coming To PS5?

Hi-Fi Rush
Hi-Fi Rush

Hi-Fi Rush is a new adrenaline-filled rhythm game that was a complete secret until its huge opening in late January 2023. It quickly flew up the charts and has already beaten the AAA game Forspoken in both Steam sales and reviews. Not bad for a game that had zero marketing pre-launch.

Xbox and PC gamers have been tearing up robots and dance floors in Hi-Fi Rush for some time now, but what about PS5 players? The game has yet to make a release in Sony’s line of consoles. Is Hi-Fi Rush coming to PS5?

Unfortunately, Hi-Fi Rush is not coming to PS5 as it’s a Microsoft exclusive, and by extension, an Xbox console exclusive since Xbox is under Microsoft. The game was published by Bethesda and developed by Tango Gameworks, both of which are owned by a company called ZeniMax. Microsoft purchased Zenimax back in 2021, gaining complete ownership of the games they make, including Hi-Fi Rush.

So no, unfortunately, Hi-Fi Rush is not coming to PS5. It won’t be making an appearance on the Nintendo Switch or any other console not owned by Microsoft either.

Xbox isn’t the only one doing this, as Sony has its own fair share of console exclusives. The new God of War games and the Horizon series are two big franchises that you can’t get on Xbox.

For PlayStation players that don’t own an Xbox or PC but still want to get their hands on a good rhythm game, all’s not lost. The classics like Beat Saber, Crypt of the Necrodancer, and Thumper will always be available on PlayStation. You can also try out a game called No Straight Roads which has a pretty similar concept to Hi-Fi Rush.


About Hi-Fi Rush

Hi-Fi Rush is a rhythm game that mixes elements of rhythm games, 3D platformers, and character action games into the music. It has colorful anime-like art styles, constant lively music, and upbeat writing with a plot to match.

The main protagonist, Chai, is an aspiring future rock star who accidentally gets a music player implanted into him. Unexpectedly, the music player enables him to “sense” the rhythm of the world around him.

The group that implanted the music player into Chai has labeled him a defect and is now trying to hunt him down. Chai must quickly learn to use his powers in combat if he doesn’t want to get captured. Along the way, he meets friends who will help him fight the company and learn to better use his powers through training and upgrades.

Everything in Hi-Fi Rush is running to the rhythm of a beat. The sound effects, the attacks, and even your movements like dashing and jumping add musical beats to the world around you. There’s also a constant beat that’s running in the background. If you perfectly sync up your attacks to it, you’ll get bonus damage and the satisfaction of whacking enemies in perfect harmony.

Hi-Fi Rush is different from other rhythm games because you technically don’t always have to hit your attacks perfectly to the beat; it just helps if you do. It also differs from traditional hack-and-slash gameplay because timing your attacks properly is better than spamming them.

Streamers that plan to play Hi-Fi Rush on their channel might be concerned about copyright claims for the in-game music. However, the game has “Streamer Mode” that removes its copyrighted music, so they’re good to go.

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