Minecraft: How To Get Silk Touch

How to Get Silk Touch in Minecraft
How to Get Silk Touch in Minecraft

Among other enchantments in Minecraft, Silk Touch is one of the most valuable enchantments you’d want because of its special perk. When mining blocks like leaves, ender chests, or ores with Silk Touch, you can harvest the actual blocks instead of the items.

So, if you want to decorate your base furthermore, here’s all the ways you can get Silk Touch in Minecraft.


1. Enchanting

Minecraft Enchant a Pickaxe
Minecraft Enchant a Pickaxe

You can use the Enchanting Table to enchant tools or weapons to get Silk Touch enchantment.

First, you must craft an Enchanting Table with 1x Book, 2x Diamond, and 4x Obsidian. Then, add bookshelves around the table and ensure they are one block away from it.

Now it’s time to enchant. Place the item you want to enchant and some Lapis Lazulis onto the Enchanting Table. You will see three options appear on the right. Simply hover over them and select the row that has Silk Touch.

If the item you want to enchant does not have the Silk Touch selection, you can try enchanting other items instead, then place the item you wish to enchant on the table again. If you still can’t see the Silk Touch enchantment option, repeat the process until you make it.


2. Trading

Trade with Librarians For Silk Touch
Trade with Librarians For Silk Touch

You can trade with librarian villagers for Silk Touch enchantment books.

If you can’t find a librarian in the village, you can transform an unemployed villager into a librarian with a Lectern. Because the librarian villagers sell random enchanted books as their trade, you can’t always get Silk Touch this way.

Instead, try breaking the Lectern block and replacing it again to refresh the librarian villager. This makes the librarians refresh their trades.


3. Fishing

Fishing for Silk Touch
Fishing for Silk Touch

You can get a Silk Touch enchantment book when fishing if you are lucky enough.

But note that the chance is meager, at 0.8%. So we’d recommend using other methods of getting Silk Touch for efficiency and reliability.


4. Looting

You can occasionally find items with Silk Touch enchantment in chests when you explore the world. These chests are typically located in dungeons, desert temples, and mineshafts.


5. Use Command

Use Command to Get Silk Touch
Use Command to Get Silk Touch

You can obtain Silk Touch enchantment via command if you are unafraid of cheating.

First, you need to choose the item you want to have Silk Touch on by pressing the corresponding number on the hot bar.

Then press “T” on your keyboard to open the chat window. Next, enter the following command and press Enter:

/enchant @p minecraft:silk_touch OR /enchant [Your_Name] silk_touch

The Silk Touch enchantment is now added to your selected tool.


6. Getting Enchanted Books from Mobs

It’s possible to obtain enchanted books as drops from hostile mobs. However, the chances of getting a specific enchanted book like Silk Touch are pretty low. Occasionally, Vindicators or Evokers can drop enchanted books when killed.

Minecraft is available now.

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