Microsoft Reveals More Details About Their X018 Event

Crackdown 3

We’ve already covered some of the news expected to be covered at the X018 Event this weekend, including PUBG news and more, but Microsoft have announced more details about their Inside Xbox coverage. The 2 hour live stream will start at 9pm BST on Saturday 10th November and will cover a range of games, including the illusive Crackdown 3.

Looks like the X018 Event will be going hard on the first party releases, which isn’t surprising. More news about the future of Sea of Thieves, Minecraft and State of Decay 2 was to be expected. Meanwhile, third party titles like Shadow of the Tomb Raider have also been confirmed, with The Forge DLC being debuted at the event. Plus, we’ll be getting more announcements surrounding Xbox Game Pass and, fingers crossed, some backwards compatibility news. Come on Beautiful Katamari!

In related news, the Humble Bundle team are teasing something related to the X018 event, as they tweeted out a winking emoji in relation to an Xbox tweet about the event. Could we be getting Humble Bundles for the Xbox, finally? Find out on Saturday. Just make sure to watch through Mixer to get some free stuff.

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