Microsoft at E3 2018: Games, Start Time & What You Need to Know

Gears of War 4

Be sure to check out our E3 2018 press conference schedule guide for all the info on each conference.

The dawn of the biggest gaming show of the year is almost upon us, so it’s time to look forward to Microsoft at E3 2018 and what we can expect. Having dedicated the majority of last year’s E3 to the Xbox One X and a substantial amount of teraflops, it will be interesting to see what tack they take this time out.

It’s almost redundant at this point to mention the Xbox One’s struggle with exclusive games; its library is nowhere near as inviting as the 360’s was. With hardware talk out of the way, this is probably the last chance saloon for the One before the next generation comes along to debut some games that really capture people’s attention.

There are a few certainties for Microsoft at E3 2018, but we just want to see them focus on what counts: the games. They have plenty of stuff in the pipeline, so let’s get down to what lies ahead for you this time out.


When is Microsoft’s E3 2018 Conference?

Xbox One X

Microsoft’s E3 2018 takes places on Sunday, June 10th at 1 PM PT / 4 PM ET / 9 PM BST (6 AM AET on June 11). It will emanate from the Microsoft Theater as a more “fan-focused” event. At the actual E3 location, Microsoft will still have a presence with Mixer.


Where can I watch the Microsoft E3 2018 conference?

Halo 5

You will be able to watch Microsoft’s E3 2018 conference from the comfort of your own home on the Xbox social channels, as well as sites like IGN and Polygon, who will be hosting the streams. Alterantively, you can also watch via Mixer; Xbox gave out freebies for watchers last year.


Which games will be on display at Microsoft’s E3 2018 conference?

Crackdown 3

After being showcased last year to a very mixed response, Crackdown 3 was pushed back from the release schedule to re-examine the game. You should expect it to have a presence at E3 2018 and maybe even a release date, though pre-orders have been cancelled for the game, so who know what’s going on with it.

Halo 6 is a relative shoo-in to be featured considering it’s the closing part in the franchise’s “second” trilogy. It’s also been a relatively long time since Halo 5 came out and 343 Industries are definitely working on it, so watch this space.

You should also expect to see Ori and the Will of the Wisps, the new Forza, and, most interestingly of all, Gears of War. While GOW 4 was fine, it didn’t particularly set anyone’s loins aflame, so maybe a different approach could work wonders for The Coalition and Microsoft?

Considering that they debuted it on behalf of 4A Games last year, another glimpse at Metro Exodus wouldn’t go amiss. Also expect a couple of closer looks at EA titles, including possibly Anthem, which, again, was shown last year at Microsoft’s conference.

As an outside bet, rumours abound that Microsoft may show off their VR, but as we’re so late in this generation with VR hype not quite what it used to be, don’t hold your breath.

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