MF Ghost Anime – Release Window, Story & What You Should Know

MF Ghost anime
MF Ghost anime

A popular trend in the anime industry right now is making spin-offs and sequels to classic anime. To name a few popular cases, Naruto got Boruto, Dragon Ball got Super, and Bleach got Thousand Year Blood War. Franchises that fans thought finished are getting a second wind and are providing some great nostalgia. Now, Initial D is joining the fray with an MF Ghost anime.

When you think of automobile racing in anime, your mind immediately goes to Initial D. The art style, plot, CGI cars, and, of course, the sweet Eurobeat tracks they used make Initial D one of the most easily recognizable anime out there. And now it’s back. If you’re interested in when the MF Ghost anime is coming out and where you might be able to watch it, read on.


When Is The MF Ghost Anime Being Released?

According to the trailer and a tweet from the official MF Ghost Twitter account, the anime will be coming out sometime in 2023. They released the trailer early in January, so chances are, there are still a few months before it comes out. The middle part of the year sounds like the most probable release time.


What Is MF Ghost About?

MF Ghost takes place in the year AD 202X, so it’s at least two decades after the end of Initial D, which was set in the late 1990s. The show will revolve around Kanata Livington, a 19-year-old boy fresh out of racing school in the UK.

Kanata moves to Japan in search of his father and joins a racing competition made by an organization known as the MFG. He will also take his father’s last name in the races: Katagiri.

He will have to use all his skills as he races against modern supercars with his hugely underpowered Toyota GT 86. His skills aren’t the only thing he has though, he will also be trained by a master in racing, Takumi Fujiwara, the protagonist of Initial D.

Judging by the trailer, MF Ghost is going to be really eye-catching. They polished up the animation, but the art style itself seems largely untouched. It gives you that classic Initial D vibe while also having the silky smoothness and vibrancy of modern anime. The Eurobeat tracks that made the first anime blow up on the internet will also be making a comeback.


Which Studio Is Making The MF Ghost Anime?

Avex Pictures and Techno Sound are co-producing MF Ghost, while Felix Film is in charge of animating it.

Avex Pictures only started producing anime in 2014, but they already have some pretty notable works, including Assassination Classroom, Black Clover, and Fruits Basket.

Techno Sound is a well-known sound production company and has been behind the sound production of Attack on Titan, My Hero Academia, and even the previous Initial D shows.

Felix Film is also a company that only started in 2014. They’ve only animated about eight shows so far, including Nekopara. They did do a great job animating it though, and the MF Ghost trailer looks pretty clean, which are all good signs.


Where To Watch MF Ghost

So far, there have been no confirmations on where MF Ghost will air. Keep an eye out on popular anime streaming platforms like Crunchyroll and Netflix, as they are the most likely options.

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