10 Tips to S-Rank Bosses in Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection

Mega Man S Rank Tips
Mega Man S Rank Tips

Having trouble getting S ranks on the Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection bosses? Here are a few helpful hints to get those precious boss Mega chips into your folder for Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection.


Save Time With Custom Gauge Chips

Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection
Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection

Unlike standard viruses, time is the primary consideration when determining your rank against a boss. You can take loads of damage and still come out with an S if you beat them in under 30 seconds. You’ll want to avoid taking damage as well, but avoiding damage isn’t weighted nearly as heavily.

Having Fast Gauge * or Full Custom * as your Regular Chip will diminish the time you have to wait before you can load up with more battle chips and continue dishing out damage. Some of the games have Fast Gauge as a Navi Customizer part, so take advantage of that as well.


Code Uniformity


Being able to select four to five chips each turn adds up fast. Try to keep your folder to two codes or less (excluding * chips). This works because most battle chips have a utility alongside simple damage. Zap Rings come out fast and stun, Plantman leaves the opponent wrapped in vines and has the “break” attribute, etc. Consider combos and setups rather than loading up disparate codes with individual big damage; one 300 damage attack will only have one utility, while three 100 damage attacks have three utilities.


Focus On Weaknesses

This one’s pretty obvious, but if the boss has an elemental weakness, you’ll want to load up your folder with battle chips that use that element. Look for Program Advances that have that element typing; you can easily hit 2000+ damage if you play them correctly.


Panel Control – Double Damage

Knowing how different stage panels work is crucial. Certain panels double the damage of elemental attacks that land on them, e.g. grass boosts fire damage, ice boosts electric.


Panel Control – Broken Panels

Breaking panels can be useful too. Bosses that don’t have AirShoes can be forced onto a single panel if you use Geddon to break all the panels on the stage. This is especially useful if the boss has high mobility (looking at you, Beastman).


Navi Customizer

Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection
Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection

Make sure your customizer is optimally configured for the fight. Specifically include parts that give you more chips to select from the Custom Screen, give yourself AirShoes if the boss likes to break panels, and use Fast Gauge. Even one minor tweak puts the balance in your favor and can keep you from praying to RNG for a good distribution.


When You’re Struggling, Change Your Folder

These games challenge players to respond to boss strengths and weaknesses. Switch up your deck and try something new when you’re struggling. Flameman in BN3 keeps candles in the back row that buff him up. Stacking chips like Boomer or Magnum that can hit that row consistently without worrying about Flameman getting in the way eradicates his most annoying mechanic.

Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection is available on PC, PS4, and Switch.

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