Meet Your Maker: How To Build An Outpost

How to kill raiders and earn big rewards.

Meet Your Maker
Meet Your Maker

Meet Your Maker is a game of two halves. While most will likely find the most joy raiding outposts created by both the dev team and other players, there’s going to be a sizable portion of the community who work tirelessly to provide the levels that everyone’s actually going to play. However, it might not be immediately obvious to players how you go about building outposts, so with that in mind, here’s how you can get started on building your own personal deathmaze in Meet Your Maker.


Meet Your Maker | How To Build An Outpost

In order to actually build an outpost, you need to obtain enough Synthite to purchase a burial site. Burial sites can cost anywhere from 600 to 1000+ parts, with the price being determined by how big the site actually is.

The more expensive the site, the higher the build limit you’ll have to create your own personal SAW-esque trap room for players to try and conquer. Bigger build limits mean more traps, guards and other deadly devices, so it might be worth saving up for a bigger burial site instead of dropping all your parts immediately on a smaller site. More expensive burial sites also offer more genetic material, or GenMat, which means they’ll be active for a lot longer.

While having an outpost allows you to passively earn GenMat for one of the five advisors, the real point of an outpost is to earn enough Prestige while the outpost is active in order to level the outpost up, refilling all the available GenMat and allowing you to reupload the map. Prestiging an outpost also increases the build limit slightly, allowing you to make the outpost just that little bit more deadly before re-unleashing it on the world.

Meet Your Maker
Meet Your Maker

Once you’ve actually claimed a burial site, you’ll need to build your outpost on it, which is a process in and of itself. You’re given free reign to design your outpost, so long as you stick within the build limit, add some “minimal defenses” so players can’t just stroll in and nab all your stuff, and ensure that there’s a clear path from spawn to the GenMat tile (otherwise it’d be impossible to actually clear the outpost).

After you’ve fulfilled those criteria, pause the game while you’re building, and you’ll be able to switch your Outpost to active. This means that the outpost will now start appearing in the command centers of other players, giving them the opportunity to try their luck against your defenses. Any players killed in your base, and any accolades players give you will contribute towards your Prestige.

There’s also the option to switch the outpost to Overdrive, which adds a risk/reward choice to your outpost. Typically, players don’t actually steal any genetic material from other players when raiding, but sticking your outpost into Overdrive mode will mean you lose a set amount of GenMat whenever someone successfully completes your outpost. The flipside to that, however, is that any kills earn 100% more rewards.

After a set amount of time, your GenMat will be depleted, rendering the outpost inactive. If you’ve earned enough Prestige, you’ll be able to level up the outpost, which will be signified by a number on the floor near where the raiders spawn. Levelling up costs Prestige and Synthite, so make sure you have enough Synthite if you want to focus on making the best outpost. Prestige earned does carry over, so it’s possible you could earn enough Prestige to level up a few times, but you’re better off letting the outpost go through the usual cycle first.

Meet Your Maker is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X & S.

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