Meet the Vultures: Adam Smith

Adam Smith

Hey, Adam! How are you? What was the last thing you ate and what would you rate it out of ten?
How am I? Currently awash with apathy, wondering if the UK has basically maxed itself out of socialists, meaning there are simply more self-interested conservatives here. Of those who can even be bothered to vote, of course. Puts one in a sour mood of a morning. I’ve just eaten breakfast, Tesco’s own special flakes with almonds and banana, or some such shit. As shit, it was 10 out of 10.

What’s your favourite video game?
Joel and Ellie’s exploits seem to be endlessly replayable. I’ve completed The Last of Us three times on Grounded Mode, can’t remember how many on the standard modes. Maybe this is the future I actually want. Maybe this is what we’re heading for?

It’s not a perfect game; the AI is clunky and some parts are repetitive, but there’s something about its sombre tone and stealthy action that really appeals to me. Grounded Mode is a challenge, and it’s the only way to play it. I’m sure there are more challenging modes out there in more challenging games, but this is about as difficult as I like my video games. When the outbreak inevitably happens, I’ll be found tucked up on the top floor of a library waiting it out.

What drew you to CV?
Initially, my eyes. I think I liked a few shows or games on FB that had the occasional CV article shared within it. After that, discovering they were UK based, and that their content was varied, I ‘liked’ them. It wasn’t long before I noticed a call for submissions, and so I submitted. I’d submitted in the past to other sites, but the CV community is quite an addictive one! Always some interesting content going up.

Where else can we find you?
My love of The Last of Us bled into doing an apocalyptic horror novel, with zombies-not-zombies (there’s a twist) which is available on Amazon. More readily, I can be found pottering around on Goodreads interacting with fellow indie authors. I’m exclusively reading self-published titles at the moment in the spirit of community, reviewing them for Goodreads, Amazon and CV. There are some gems out there (I already found one). As a self-publisher, it has been handy to recognise common mistakes and shortfalls in other work, hopefully for the betterment of my own. Incidentally, my next book, a collection of eclectic short stories, will be on pre-order soon. For updates, I can be followed on my blog, or Facebook.

Who would win in a fight: a kangaroo with one punching hand or a crocodile missing half of its teeth?
Neither: let’s take this hypotheticality to the next level! Both have had their disability allowances cut after failed austerity measures. The kangaroo, with its short reach, could no longer work the operating line at Apple, so they let him go. (Unfair dismissal tribunal was dropped after it was discovered that Apple were stuffing the pockets of the judges.) The crocodile filed for damages after 12 years of loyal service in the dockyard, pulling in net after net of crabs and lobsters, claiming the stress on his teeth and lack of dental coverage resulted in half his teeth falling out. And no teeth: no work. With nowhere else to turn, both the kangaroo and crocodile turned to crime to make ends meet. That’s how they met; in the prison courtyard. So who really won? The private prison system, that’s who.

You can check out the rest of Adam’s work this way, or find out how you can join the team here.

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