Medievil PS4 Remake Coming in 2018

Medievil ps4

Announced at PSX 2017, the PS1 cult classic Medievil will be getting a remake for PS4, due sometime in 2018.

The 4K “remaster” was announced at the end of the PSX keynote with more details to follow.

Here’s the teaser:

The action-adventure title for the original PlayStation wasn’t one of the platform’s moneymakerz, but it certainly found an audience, enough so for a sequel to soon follow. It takes place in Gallowmere and and you play as the undead but dashing protagonist Sir Daniel Fortesque, who was killed in a great battle within seconds.

Sony chief Shawn Layden said:

“Hot on the heels of this year’s smash hit Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy, we’re making another PlayStation fan dream come true: a proper, PS4-grade resurrection of the original MediEvil just in time for the game’s 20th anniversary.”

The language here (and the size of the reveal) suggests that it won’t be just a PS1 4K reskin, but a from the ground up remake. There was a PSP remake not all that long ago, but the last time Dan was seen in a game was PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale.

Excited for Dan’s return?

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