Maybe The New Day of the Dead Remake Won’t Be Such A Dumpster Fire After All

Doesn't look like the absolute WORST zombie movie ever.

When another remake was announced for Romero’s Day of the Dead, I was not impressed. So unimpressed, was I, that I took to the keyboard to write some words for this very website with a mild-to-medium take on why it was wholly unnecessary.

I still stand by that. I don’t understand why it needs to be remade again. Trying over with the source material won’t erase the disaster that was Steve Miner’s 2009 attempt, as much as I want to forget those goddamn wall-crawling and car-driving zombies.

But, now that a new trailer has been released for Day of the Dead: Bloodline, I have thawed a little on it. A little, little bit.

It still looks like some terrible shit, but there’s an adequate amount of blood and a relatively faithful setting, so there are a couple of glimmers of hope. Of course, I am also aware that even just a competent trailer editor could make Birdemic look like a masterpiece, so it’d be wise to remain cynical. There are so many jumpcuts in this trailer that it’s impossible to track it properly.

Still, at least there’s some kind of respect towards Romero’s na–oh wait, this is the one where a zombie stalks someone, isn’t it? Yeah, fuck this. Go and watch Savini’s vision of NotLD or Snyder’s DotD instead.

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