Man Gets Star Wars Episode 7 Trailer Tattoo

star wars episode 7 tattoo

Nary a week goes by without the internet going batshit insane over one trailer or another. Whether, it’s the JURASSIC WORLD trailer boasting Star-Load/Andy Dwyer talking serious business and riding a motorbike among velociraptors, or the shiniest, vaguest, genital-teasingest (we’re not sexist here) early release trailer that was the Star Wars Episode 7 trailer. Hell, there was even that AGE OF ULTRON leak/trailer a little while back.

There’s lots for the internet to get up in arms about these days. Sometimes I wonder if maybe we shouldn’t  leave it be a while; hold back on whipping it into an orgasmic, heart-attack-inducing, furore for a while, maybe ask Kim Kardashian to stop tying to break it with her sizeable derriere.

Anyway, the dust hast settled on that Episode 7 trailer now. We here at CULTURED VULTURES had a crack at dissecting it to see what’s what, which you can read HERE, and there’s even been a ‘George Lucas Special Edition’ version of it released. Observe;

Me thinks someone is more than a little pleased that Lucas is no longer in the picture as far as Star Wars is concerned. Of course they’re right.

Though whilst many have been trying to pick apart the trailer, work it, see where The Force Awakens may be taking us, trying to establish if this new venture will be for the good of the franchise, there are many cagey and doubtful fans about; still wounded from the prequels. Not 22 year-old Jordan Breckon from Arizona. Jordan clearly just though ‘fuck it’ and went all in, immediately getting a character from the trailer tattooed on his leg.

The character in question being the R2D2esque ball droid that is visible for only 1.5 seconds of the teaser trailer. Hell, it might not even be a ‘character’ as such. Its similarities to R2 suggest otherwise though. Regardless of any quibbles about his tattoo, Jordan can pretty safely claim to have the first Episode 7 tattoo, even having received a ‘like’ from the film’s official account.

ball droid instagram tattoo

“The reaction to this tattoo has been pretty awesome!” Lots and lots of love from…Star Wars fans, many other Instagram users have reposted and [I] have even gotten a like from the Official Star Wars account.My artist Tyler Nealeigh and I have both been pleasantly surprised at the reaction [to] my tattoo.”

“Of course some people will hate and believe what I did is stupid, but that I already knew would happen as you cannot please everyone! In all I love this tattoo and all the love that it’s [received]. It is a great time to be a Star Wars fan!”

What do you think though?

ball droid tattoo

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