Make Sure To Change Your Controller Layout In DOOM Eternal – TAG Part 2

Hammer down.

Doom Eternal

DOOM Eternal – The Ancient Gods Part Two has launched today, and your boy has decided to dip his toe into Doom Slayer’s last hurrah, and it’s every bit as brutal as the first DLC. If you’re expecting id Software to step off the gas, you’re sorely mistaken. However, there’s one aspect of the DLC that’s so iffy that you’re going to need to change your controller layout if you’re playing with one. Mouse and keyboard players, you can probably carry on scrolling.


Alright, What’s Wrong With DOOM Eternal’s Controller Layout?

The normal layout is fine, but during the course of The Ancient Gods Part Two’s first level, you unlock the Sentinel Hammer, a powerful weapon that unleashes a ground pound when used, killing fodder instantly and stunning large demons in the vicinity. Very quickly, it becomes a vital part of your arsenal, granting ammo when used and boosting the effects of your Flame Belch.

Unfortunately, the Hammer is tied to right on the D-pad, which can be a massive pain to press in the middle of a fight. Granted, the Crucible in the main campaign is also tied to the same button, but the main campaign is nowhere near as hectic as The Ancient Gods. Plus, the Crucible is a sword that you can run around with, meaning you don’t quite need it in a pinch like you would the Hammer. However, changing the controls for The Ancient Gods will also change the main campaign, and maybe that’ll be helpful if you decide to revisit the main story on the limited lives mode.

If you truly want to succeed in this challenging campaign, I’d recommend swapping the Hammer button from right D-pad to something like the left stick button, which isn’t used in the game’s default control setting. To do so, go to your settings, slide over to “Controls” and select “Customise Slayer Controls”. From there, select the Custom layout and rearrange your controls as you see fit. The Custom layout starts out as the default layout, so it should just be a case of swapping right D-pad with left stick, but if you’re using a different set-up, you might want to play around with your layout.

That way, it ensures that one of your key tools is always easy to use whenever you’re surrounded by a dozen imps, which happens like 5 times in the first level alone. Having an easy to use Hammer should make The Ancient Gods Part Two’s campaign gauntlet just that little bit more manageable.

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