Life Is Strange Season 2 Announced By Dontnod Entertainment

Prepare to feel a million feels with more Life Is Strange.


During one of the most grounded reveals you will ever see in the modern video game industry, developers Dontnod Entertainment released a video to thank Life Is Strange fans for their support with the reward (of sorts) being the announcement that a second season is on its way.

Three million lovely people have bought Life Is Strange since its release, and you will be hard pressed to find any in that number who aren’t excited to jump back into a Dontnod world. It’s worth bearing in mind that the first season of Life Is Strange kind of wraps itself up, so we will likely see someone else’s polaroids next time out.

The episodic teen drama managed to endear itself to a lot of people; the developers mentioned the outpouring of love they have been receiving ever since the game’s release. Incidentally, they have been hard at work on the second season ever since the physical edition was out on shelves. We may not have to wait all that long to play it, though they did confirm that it won’t be at E3 this year.


If you’re about to dip into Life Is Strange again (like me), don’t forget that you have the added incentive of an easy Platinum trophy to aim for.


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