Lies of P: How to Defeat King’s Flame, Fuoco

King's Flame Fuoco Pic
King's Flame Fuoco Pic

Like some of the other massive bosses in Lies of P, King’s Flame, Fuoco does leave himself open from time to time, and as a result, there are some key strategies that we used to take him down without using the game’s summon system. The first move you’ll likely notice is his ground punch, which can be avoided via dodge unless it’s a red attack. In that case, run back full tilt out of its range or dodge back a few times quickly to clear its radius.

When he powers up to make his charging move, you can dodge left or right or run like mad in either direction to clear it. If you run after him as the attack continues, though, you can get a few strikes in as his back is turned. You can also use the pipes that are scattered around the arena to slow him down briefly. When Fuoco runs into one, he will stop and smash it, which can give you a chance for an extra hit or two.

This Lies of P boss also does an overhead swing move that’s slow enough for you to dodge out of the way. If you stay on him, you’ll notice that he can be staggered, but as he often scurries across the arena, it’s easy to miss your chance while the window is still open. If you do manage to get him staggered, though, you’ll take a massive chunk out of his health. Two staggers and he’s absolutely toast.

However, be very careful when you have him on the ropes, as this is when he will usually use his wide-range flame attack. Generally, this will cover roughly 60-70% of the arena, so you have to really book it when he starts firing into the ground if you want to avoid getting scorched by that move. Run as far and as fast as your stamina will allow you to the north or south end of the room to evade it.

In the second half of the fight, King’s Flame, Fuoco will also start firing canisters of oil around the arena. At this point, you have to begin watching where you’re taking your hits on him because his flames can set you on fire almost instantly if you’re standing in the wrong spot.

Still, this is also your best chance to get some real cheap shots in on this mechanical monster. Fuoco will use a fire-blasting attack that rotates in front of him like a sprinkler, and if you get behind him, you can sometimes just hammer away until the attack finishes. This is also your best chance to stagger him, so don’t hold back.

That’s basically all that you need to know to take out this particular Lies of P roadblock. If you’re almost there and can’t quite make it, however, don’t be afraid to use a Star Fragment to get yourself some help. After all, given how tough the bosses are in this game, you’re likely going to need them every once in a while.

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