Lies of P: How To Defeat Fallen Archbishop Andreus

Bash the bishop.

Lies Of P
Lies Of P

You know those Souls-like bosses that you just narrowly kill after dozens of attempts, only for them to reveal a surprise second form? Well, if you do know, then we’re sorry in advance because Fallen Archbishop Andreus will almost certainly be one of those bosses for you in Lies of P.

The first thing you need to know here is that Fallen Archbishop Andreus has a penchant for causing decay. Pretty much anytime it hits you with its tongue, you’ll see your status effect bar grow, and after two or three hits, you’ll be fully decaying. When tongue attacks are happening, get back or guard if you get hit even once by the tongue.

Fortunately, this Lies of P boss has a pretty short fuse himself when it comes to fire and electrical attacks. With that in mind, a weapon that does either side effect can make this battle a lot easier. The reason for this is Fallen Archbishop Andreus can attack very quickly and also has a long reach with many of his attacks. You’ll want to watch especially for his two red-tinged attacks, as they’re among the hardest to avoid of any boss up until this point in the game.

Lies of P
Lies of P

You’ll also find that if you keep on this boss enough, it will fall over, even outside of an official stagger status. This is your chance to beat its brains in and go for the stagger with heavy attacks, but even if that doesn’t work out, you’ll at least have given this slick foe a hefty whooping in the process. Just don’t get greedy; 3 to 5 hits are probably all you want to risk before stepping back and recalibrating.

The move where Fallen Archbishop Andreus pulls himself forward is also one you really want to watch out for. It’s pretty difficult to block successfully or to get far enough back or to the side that the attack misses. In time, you’ll find a window that you can use to avoid getting hit narrowly, but it’s tough to evade or counter. As for the stand-up-crush attack, we found it best to dodge under and then behind the creature to evade it.

The rest of his attacks, including the aforementioned tongue swipes and his back-and-forth horizontal arm attacks, can be dodged through. This is great news, as it makes the fight a lot easier to win as you get better at timing your dodges against this gruesome monstrosity. Speaking of which, that takes us to round two.

Lies of P
Lies of P

Once that eerie transformation is complete, you’ll want to run around to the back of the boss and try to stay engaged with that side of the double-headed monster. This is because, for the most part, it maintains the exact same battle strategy as the first half of the fight, making it far more predictable than its snappy new counterpart.

In the end, we found it was also worthwhile to get some help if you’re really struggling with the second half. Your helper will generally keep the other side of the boss busy while you attack your side, and it gives you a major edge in terms of finally getting past this boss, especially if it’s been a major roadblock for you.

Aside from that, all you can do is keep at it, though. Your strategy remains the same unless you find yourself getting attacked by the tail end. In that case, just dodge and run around to the other side again. Turning off your lock-on for a second can really help with doing this quickly and effectively.

Otherwise, just listen for the telltale “ting” noise that lets you know your healing flask has rejuvenated, as this boss is probably going to push you to the limit. The bad news is that the next boss is even tougher and will utilize some of the most challenging strategies in your entire Lies of P journey.

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