Lies of P: How to Defeat the Sewer Mutant

Lies of P sewer mutant

What really makes this pseudo-boss stand out in Lies of P is that despite its difficulty, it doesn’t have a name or a health bar. Despite that, this monster must be cleared in order to advance, as it drops the key for the nearby door that allows you to proceed. Unfortunately, this is another controller-smasher of a fight, as the Sewer Mutant is one of those Lies of P enemies that can easily outswing any weapon you use despite its massive size.

Sadly, you can’t get any help with this one, as the Sewer Mutant (the unofficial name we gave it) isn’t actually considered a boss or mini-boss, regardless of it being a mandatory roadblock that you have to face. You’ll grow to hate its repeated, muffled cries for you to “DIE!” as you get the hang of this fight, but perseverance can net you a victory, and we’ll lay out the best strategy we could come up with to stop this monstrosity.

Honestly, considering how fast this Lies of P creature is, your best bet is to just take it slow. If you’re a Dark Souls fan, think of this like killing King Vendrick in Dark Souls 2. Run in, take a couple of swipes, and then just run or dodge until you see a safe window to strike a couple of times. Unfortunately, this boss tends to really spam moves and, like The Survivor, never ever runs out of stamina.

Your first opportunity to get an advantage comes when it drops from the ceiling. Run right to where it’s going to land and hammer away at it before it gets its bearing and starts attacking in earnest. From here, it’s going to be a war of attrition, though. The Sewer Mutant may have only a few different attacks, but it can use them repeatedly.

There’s the spin move, which you’re going to want to dodge back or run from. It’s generally either one or three rotating swings, so you can often predict when you can run in for the chance to cause some damage if you watch closely. Then there’s the single strike move, which comes from the right (your right) and usually leads to the creature stalking around with its shield up.

The one you’ll really learn to hate, however, is the charge attack. This Lies of P monster can use it several times in a row and will usually end it with a wind-up punch that can lead into a one, two, or three-hit combo. Just run from this until the Sewer Mutant does something different, as this one is tough to block or dodge, and it hits like a truck no matter which version of the attack it’s doing.

If you catch it at the end of this attack, you can hammer away at its back, but don’t get greedy. Remember, this is death by a thousand cuts. As with other red attacks, when the Sewer Monster uses them, only go for a guard if you’re 100% sure you can perfect guard it. Otherwise, run or dodge as far out of range as you can.

Watch out for the railings and corners here as well, as you can get trapped in them when the beast is chasing you, and that can end the fight in a hurry while it wails away at you. While this might seem obvious, this boss, in particular, is also one you’ll absolutely want to get behind any chance you get. It’s pretty much the only safe place to strike from and can give you that stagger you really need to get a quick edge over the creature.

That’s pretty much all there is to it, though. Run away and dodge, then go in for a few quick strikes here and there. Rinse and repeat, and eventually, you’ll have this horrific creation consigned to the putrid sewers from whence it came.

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