Korn Are Working With World Of Tanks: Blitz, For Reasons

This isn't the first time Korn have worked with a game, either.

World of Tanks: Blitz

Wargaming have announced that they’re teaming up with iconic metal band Korn to create a special Halloween-themed collaboration in World of Tanks: Blitz. This partnership includes Korn’s new music video”Finally Free” from the album The Nothing, which features the World of Tanks: Blitz character The Captain trying to make their way to the Burning Games, a new in-game event. You can watch the video yourself above.


Hold The Phone, Korn?!

Yeah, Korn are in World of Tanks: Blitz and according to the press release, lead singer Jonathan Davis is a big fan. In a press release about the announcement, the singer was quoted as saying the following: “I really like World of Tanks Blitz. It’s true to the era, there are a lot of great tanks in there, and you don’t just jump in and start shooting. I think there is a connection between rock and video games because video games are intense and rock ’n’ roll music is intense. It seems like they have always gone hand in hand.”

This isn’t the first time that Korn have inexplicably appeared in a video game either. Back in 2019, the nu-metal band performed free virtual concerts in the MMO games AdventureQuest 3D and AdventureQuest Worlds. Who knows where the group will end up next? My bet is on some kind of appearance in Bugsnax. Maybe they’ll adapt their hit song Freak On A Leash to the lyrics “Bugs Who Are Snax”.


So What Does The Event Entail?

Players will be given access to the limited-time mode Burning Games, which sees players compete to earn in-game rewards. The twist in this mode is that players will have their health drained as the game progresses, with the only way to restore health is to deal damage. The mode is available to all tanks that are above Tier V, and runs from October 16th to October 24th.

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