Kirby And The Forgotten Land: How To Turn Off Auto-Swallow

For those fussy about their Kirbussy.

Kirby Auto-Swallow
Kirby Auto-Swallow

Kirby And The Forgotten Land has launched, seeing the pink sphere of cuteness adapted to a 3D world for the first time ever. Despite the change, Kirby still handles how you’d expect, retaining his unique trait of swallowing items for coins, or enemies to copy their abilities. However, swallowing isn’t always the right move, so here’s how you can turn off auto-swallowing in Kirby And The Forgotten Land.

In order to turn off auto-swallowing, you need to head over to the Pause Menu, then select control options, then toggle the option for Auto-Swallowing. When the option is on, Kirby will automatically swallow enemies that grant copy abilities, while turning it off means players will have to use the bumpers/shoulder buttons to swallow an enemy.

Truth be told, leaving auto-swallowing on seems like it would be a benefit, but during later levels when enemy positions can get a little bit more chaotic, having auto swallow on could lead to you copying the wrong ability. Turning it off would give you more control over how you want to play Kirby, which is always lovely.

Kirby And The Forgotten Land is available now on Switch.

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