Kingdom Hearts 3: 10 Things We Want to See

Kingdom Hearts 3
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It’s been over ten years since Kingdom Hearts II back in 2005. After a letter in a bottle was handed to our heroes, we’ve kept the desire for a Kingdom Hearts III in our hearts. These last eleven years had us play prequels, interludes, sort of sequels, HD remasters and now a mobile game, continuing to keep the eagerness for the third installment. We can’t help but want to imagine what will be involved in this game. Especially given it’s the first Kingdom Hearts in the series to appear on the current consoles. Listed here are ten points that would be an excellent part of the upcoming triple AAA game.


1. Seeing the “true” Kingdom Hearts

If you’re confused over this first one, don’t worry, we were too. Apparently, the first two numbered games of the series revealed artificial versions of the namesake. The real Kingdom Hearts has been what the series’ primary antagonist, Xehanort, has been after. Through each new game it’s been hinted, but never actually revealed. Just what is Kingdom Hearts? A power source? A utopia? Let’s hope this one finally shows us what it actually is.


2. No unfinished plot points

Since the beginning of the series, back in September of 2002, Kingdom Hearts had always kept Xehanort as the main villain. Nomura states that this third installment will be the finale of the Dark Seeker Saga. Xehanort’s tale will end, but the series will continue on with Sora as the lead. Being the end, we need to have closure on all plot points created throughout this saga.


3. Let Kairi Shine

Since the introduction of Aqua back in Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep, we’ve seen what a strong female protagonist can do in this series. Kairi has the spunk. She’s got the legendary key to go with it. Now let’s bring her out of the background. Make her enter the Disney worlds alongside Riku and Sora. Become a warrior, not a damsel.

Kingdom Hearts


4. Star Wars

Since Disney acquired LucasArts in 2012, I’ve had one thing on my mind. Lightsaber Keyblade. A new world for the Kingdom Hearts universe to explore. A familiar one for us sci-fi fans. Mark Hamill’s already involved as the voice for Master Eraqus. Bringing in the most iconic space opera to a franchise that’s already about the conflict of light and dark seems perfect.


5. Reasons to return to the worlds

In the first Kingdom Hearts you’d have Sora, Donald, and Goofy use Trinity Marks located through the different worlds. Sometimes you’d have to return after you acquired a certain ability, or if you progressed far enough in the main plot. Unlocking these marks provided items. sometimes even better weapons, and created puzzles and missions that make us want to revisit the worlds, expanding the timeframe of playing. We’ve waited so long, so let’s get our money’s worth.


6. More Coliseum Cup Challenges

The Olympus Coliseum has always been a classic world for the series. Not just for its story, but for its cups. They can help you relive epic battles that were a significant part of the series, like the legendary Battle of the 1000 Heartless back in Kingdom Hearts II: awesome fights, random line-up of the game’s enemies. Most of all, bashing heads with Final Fantasy warriors like Cloud and Squall Leonhart make it even more enjoyable.

Kingdom Hearts


7. Synthesizing the Ultima Weapon Keyblade

Every numbered Kingdom Hearts game provided the best weapon, Ultima Weapon. It became a tradition to have it synthesized through the Moogles. Other entries made it an easier achievement by being rewarded for defeating a side boss – bringing back the third installment should showcase this tradition; the time and dedication it always takes for it brings more hype. The feeling of owning that weapon after grueling hours of obtaining never gets old.


8. A proper leveling scale

Every Kingdom Hearts presets levels for the enemies. Once you’ve made it to a certain level on each world, you could cleave through the waves with no problems. With no danger of losing, there’s a lack of thrill or challenge to the combat. Let’s make the enemies a threat no matter how much you train. Just enough to make it challenging. Especially now that we have such incredible skills, hardcore enemies need to become a regular.


9. Another round with Sephiroth

Sephiroth needs no introduction. He’s become such an iconic Square villain since his debut back in 1997. He’s made excellent cameos in both Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts II, especially since the second entry made him a part of the main story for a brief moment. It’d be excellent if we get another chance to defeat the One Winged Angel.


10. A new Utada Hikaru song

Hearing this name should ring a bell. She’s been the iconic singer for both previous numbered titles. Utada Hikaru brought such memorable tunes to the franchise  that now you can’t help but think Kingdom Hearts when you say her name. This next entry to the series will also be her return to singing. We can hope this opening will be as amazing at the last two.

These are just a few of the things we all want to see. I’m looking forward to meeting my expectations, but more importantly, I’m hoping we all get a satisfied experience of what we want in this amazing title.

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