Jordan Vogt-Roberts Criticises Kong: Skull Island With Honest Trailers

Kong Skull Island

One of the most fun blockbuster movies in years (fight me, John C. Reilly is the best he’s been in years in it), Kong: Skull Island is taking at face value by many as being exactly that. It’s just a lot of fun.

However, the professional guttersnipes over at CinemaSins, who could pick apart Citizen Kane if they tried hard enough, decided to give Kong: Skull Island their patented cynical treatment. It backfired for them with the film’s director, Jordan Vogt-Roberts, even publically responding:

Not a happy man.

Prior to the drama, however, Vogt-Roberts talked to the guys at Honest Trailers, who aren’t a million miles away from Cinema Sins but do everything with much more sincerity, in featuring in an upcoming episode focused on Skull Island.

Here’s the result:

Vogt-Roberts comes across really well, even if he does clearly have a chip on his shoulder about the Cinema Sins backlash. It’s pretty heartening to see that he knows his movie is flawed and points out some of its weakest points with almost a sigh of acknowledgement. That Metal Gear Solid movie might not be perfect, but at least it will be entertaining.

As for Honest Trailers, I think they need to continue to go bigger or go home. I am looking forward to “Honest Trailers – My Left Foot w/ Daniel Day-Lewis” where he stays in character the entire time and is a drain on everyone.

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