Jim Ross Reportedly Signs With AEW

BAH GAWD and so on

Jim Ross

AEW’s latest get is rumoured to be pro-wrestling’s most famous announcer, Good ol’ JR, Jim Ross. Ross has recently been in the news for having decided to part ways with the WWE once again. Of course this isn’t the first time JR has chosen to back another horse over WWE, having commentated several of their big competitors’ shows in the past, including Wrestle Kingdom and WCPW’s IPPVs.

Ross has a penchant for the independent scene, so there’s no surprise that he’s jumping on Cody and The Buck’s bandwagon. This would be a huge signing for AEW, securing one of the most synonymous voices in the industry for their first shows would bump their credibility tenfold.

JR was last seen commentating WrestleMania 34’s Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal, so it’s safe to say that his presence and talents weren’t quite being put to the best use. JR can call a match better than anybody, and with a dire commentary scene on both Raw and Smackdown Live, they could have utilised him a lot better.

Ross revealed via his podcast that he is finishing with WWE at the end of the month stating that:

“I still want to play in the game. I still want to stay busy. I still think I can do play-by-play even though others that may surround Vince think I can’t.”

It’ll be sad to see another big name leave WWE, but we can be safe knowing that greener pastures await them as part of AEW.

The brand’s first show, Double or Nothing, emanates from Las Vegas on the 25th of May.

Do you think we’ll be seeing Jim Ross’ first appearance? Let us know in the comments below.

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