IT: Chapter Two Teaser Trailer Has Us Eager for More Scary Clowns

Who here has lit up the dancefloor with a Pennywise dance?

Pennywise Clown 2017 IT
Note: image from first movie

Hours ago, while I was in the clutches of sleep, the new teaser trailer for IT Chapter Two sprung itself on the unsuspecting world. I am glad I watched it in the morning, because this is truly nightmare inducing.

Here’s the trailer for you to judge for yourself.

This trailer is proof that naked grandmas running at you with full force is scarier than dancing clowns. The trailer is expertly cut I must say, with flashes of Chapter 1 within and a large sense of ambiguity, sending the internet into titillating spasms of anticipation. The casting looks spot on as well, with brief appearances from each member of the now very adult Losers Club.

Stephen King has seen the movie, and he absolutely loves it. He tweeted his excitement, with a reminder to us to check out the trailer once it releases. This of course makes us even more excited, since King hasn’t had the best of luck when it comes to adaptations of his books. So if he thinks it is “terrific”, then we are in for a treat. However, it is important to note that King might not be the most dependable source, given his praise for the recent Pet Sematary adaptation.

Standing at 58% on Rotten Tomatoes, this places the film very firmly in the average category. Having watched the movie on King’s recommendation, I was absolutely bored. There are certain sequences that are horrifying, like the bits with Rachel’s sister Zelda, but the bulk of the movie is just aggressively mediocre. IT Chapter Two does seem like a different beast, so I will trust King and head over to the cinemas come September 6. Who wants to float with me?

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