IO Interactive Announce They’re Working On A James Bond Game

Shaken, not stirred. Or leaked, surprisingly.

Project 007

After announcing yesterday that they’d be revealing their new project, IO Interactive have announced that they’re working on Project 007, which is exactly what it sounds like: a brand new James Bond game. You can check out the short teaser trailer at the top of the page.


A New Bond Game You Say?

Yes, and we reckon that IO Interactive are the perfect choice for developer. Not much in the way of details is known right now, but there’s some more nuggets of information on the game’s official website. Project 007 is a working title, and will feature a completely original Bond tale as the secret agent attempts to earn their 00 status. Yes, it’s a Bond origin story and we can’t wait. IO are also recruiting talent from around the world for this game, so hopefully it’ll be a banger.


Alright, So Who’s Playing Bond?

Given that it’s going to be an original story, we doubt that they’ll be bringing back Daniel Craig for this one, so who knows at this point? The origin story setting suggests a younger actor though, so the door is wide open for potential Bond candidates. Please don’t let it be Tom Holland though. It’s bad enough his face is in the PS5 Remaster of Spider-Man.

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