Inscryption’s Free Kaycee’s Mod Update Available Now

You want to play some cards?


Daniel Mullins Games and Devolver Digital have announced that Inscryption, the incredibly unique card game from 2021, is receiving a free update in the form of Kaycee’s Mod, which is available today on Steam. Check out the new trailer for the update at the top of the page.

The updates acts as a kind of mini-expansion, “hacking” Leshy’s Cabin and turning it into an endless roguelike of increasing challenge. Players will add skulls to their run in a bid to ascend through various Challenge Levels, which in turn unlocks new cards and challenges. You’ll also unlock developer logs written by Kaycee Hobbes, a key character in Inscryption’s story.

If you haven’t played Inscryption yet, it’s a deck-building game where the player is forced to play a card game of death with a mysterious dealer. However, there’s much more to this game than meets the eye, with the story taking a number of twists and turns before the credits roll. Those who haven’t played the game yet will be happy to learn that, in celebration of the new update, Inscryption is now 30% off.

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