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If we were to name an anime that defined the shōnen genre, Hunter x Hunter would be a name that’ll undoubtedly pop up. Yoshihiro Togashi’s radical storytelling and masterfully crafted action moments made the anime an unforgettable journey, one we thought that’ll never end. Unfortunately, the anime has been on a hiatus since 2014, and fans can’t help but ponder the thought of when they’ll get to see Hunter x Hunter: Season 7.

But the wait might finally be over as Yoshihiro made a Twitter account in May 2022, and the first tweet he posted was presumably a tease at panels for Hunter x Hunter: Season 7. The text accompanying the tweet translated to “4 more episodes for now,” so that’s pretty much an indirect confirmation. That’s been followed up by many more teases too, so here’s a brief rundown on when to expect in Hunter x Hunter: Season 7.


When Is Hunter x Hunter: Season 7 Coming Out?

One of Yoshihiro’s tweets mentioned that there were 7 more episodes left to make. So after doing a bit of detective work, we’re speculating that you could finally see Hunter x Hunter: Season 7 air sometime in 2024.

Still, the release window for the next season does remain up in the air. Yoshihiro’s health isn’t always on the best terms as well, and that’s the main reason why the manga stops publication for years before returning. So, for now, it’s best to be happy knowing that something is definitely in the works.


What Is Hunter x Hunter: Season 7 About? (Spoiler Alert)

Hunter x Hunter: Season 6 ended on Chapter 339 of the manga, which concluded the events of the Election Arc. That means next up is the Dark Continent Expedition arc.

This part of the story shows the Kakin Empire setting its sights on the Dark Continent in hopes of expansion. Kurapika on the other hand goes after a Kakin Prince to retrieve his clan’s Scarlet Eyes rumored to be in the Prince’s possession.


Which Studio Is Making Hunter x Hunter: Season 7?

Studio Madhouse animated all six seasons of the Hunter x Hunter reboot that finished airing in 2014. The anime went down in history as one of the greatest ever made, especially for its amazing sound design and stunning visuals, so due to that, we’re sure Madhouse will make Hunter x Hunter: Season 7 as well.

Though the anime’s story was sometimes all over the place, Madhouse did end up doing a terrific job and, hopefully, the sequel follows the same route.


Where Will Hunter x Hunter: Season 7 Be Aired?

Being an insanely popular anime, it’s no surprise that the entire Hunter x Hunter anime series is available to stream on almost every service. Anticipation for Hunter x Hunter: Season 7 is the same too, so we’re sure that the biggest platforms, like Crunchyroll and Funimation, will have it on day one.

With that, it seems like Hunter x Hunter: Season 7 will definitely return sometime in the near future, and despite there not being much info about the anime, we’re sure it’ll start off with a bang.

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