The Humble Brawler Bundle Brings Big Savings On Fighting Games

Humble Brawlers Bundle

There will come a day when Humble stops rolling out irresistible bundles for PC, but it is not this day. The Humble Brawler Bundle has just kicked off and brings with it a sweet array of fighting games for the same price as a pint of lager in a capital city. Both lead to fighting, though.

On the introductory tier, you get the wonderfully named GUILTY GEAR XX ΛCORE CORE PLUS R and BlazBlue: Continuum Shift Extend, but there’s also the straightforward Skullgirls to balance things out. I’ve always wanted to try out the latter, so I might just do that for $1.

Stepping up a notch to the middle tier, the very enthusiastic Arcana Heart 3 LOVE MAX!!!!! and the very polarising Street Fighter X Tekken are yours for roughly $4.91 along with all of the other games on the previous tier. I want to try Arcana Heart because it has to be good to back up that title.

Humble Brawlers Bundle

Finally, the uppermost tier gives you GUILTY GEAR Xrd -SIGN- and Rivals of Aether alongside all of the previous games for just $9, which becomes even better when you’re a Humble Monthly subscriber as you get $2 back in your wallet. This month’s Monthly early offering is Dark Souls 3 and its DLC for just $12.

As a small bonus, you also get 25% off the upcoming Them’s Fighting Herds and the Skullgirls soundtrack lumped in for good measure. The Humble Brawler Bundle is available for the next two weeks — check it out over here. All you need is a Steam account and you are good to go.

Speaking of fighting games, why not check our list for the biggest new ones of 2018?

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