The Horizon: Zero Dawn Review Scores Are In

Horizon Zero Dawn

Probably the biggest game out on PS4 this year, the exclusive Horizon: Zero Dawn has been something of a mystery, despite how far and wide it’s being marketed.

Ahead of its release later in the month, the early reviews have been published and they are painting the game as one of those rare occasions when the hype is warranted. I mean, how hard could it be to mess up hunting robotic dinosaurs?

Here are the verdicts so far:


The Telegraph – 5/5

“On the surface, Horizon seems like a jumble of influences but, just like the murderous machina wandering its lands, the game is far more than its component parts, delivering a gripping story, satisfying combat, and the most gorgeous video game environments I’ve ever seen. Horizon confidently carves out an identity of its own in an overpopulated genre.”


The Independent – 5/5

“Horizon: Zero Dawn is clearly a labour of love from Guerilla, and the whole experience feels slick and well polished. Through a combination of gorgeous graphics and artstyle, compelling gameplay and original premise, it easily joins the elite of must-own PS4 games.”

Horizon Zero Dawn

IGN – 9.3

“Across a vast and beautiful open world, Horizon Zero Dawn juggles many moving parts with polish and finesse. Its main activity – combat – is extremely satisfying thanks to the varied design and behaviors of machine-creatures that roam its lands, each of which needs to be taken down with careful consideration.”

Techradar – Play It Now

“Without gushing too much about the game, Horizon Zero Dawn is truly excellent. It’s the first must-own game of 2017 and one that will certainly be in contention for a Game of the Year award. “

Horizon Zero Dawn

Destructoid – 7.5

“A solid game that definitely has an audience. Might lack replay value, could be too short or there are some hard-to-ignore faults, but the experience is fun.”


Arstechnica – Buy It

“Horizon is huge in every way that counts, and it should be celebrated for doing what too many games don’t these days: telling an enthralling, time-consuming journey that’s already complete on the disc—and one we’ll remember for years to come.”

Horizon Zero Dawn

Shacknews – 9

“Horizon is more than the sum of its parts. When each piece is this well-tuned and harmonious, it would be like dismissing a symphony as a collection of instruments.”


PlayStation Lifestyle – 10/10

“Horizon Zero Dawn is an early contender for game of the year. Guerrilla Games has outdone themselves, in astounding fashion. This is a glorious game, the result of a team of masterful artisans who not only had a story that they wished to tell, but a world that was living inside of them which they wanted to share with us all.”


Arcade Sushi – 9.5/10

“Guerrilla may have taken a risk venturing into something new, but the move has paid off in spades as Horizon Zero Dawn is a triumph and a definite must-play for all PlayStation 4 owners.”

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