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Horizon: Zero Dawn Delayed in the UK After Being Brought Forward

This is an odd one: a video game being brought forward by a couple of days before being pushed back to its original date.

Well, that’s at least what it looks like for anyone eager to play Horizon: Zero Dawn in the UK. You might have to wait an extra couple of days as the game’s listing on the UK Playstation Store says its release date is March 3rd instead of March 1st.

Horizon Zero Dawn release date

This being a simple listing error can’t be ruled out, or that it just applies to the digital version of the game – its listing on GAME suggests that it’s still coming out as planned.

Horizon Zero Dawn release date 2

The date change isn’t obvious in other regions of the Playstation Store, either. Everywhere else is unaffected, stating March 3rd as the release date, so whether this is just an anomaly or British gamers are being made to wait remains to be seen. We’ve reached out to Sony for further information.

Horizon: Zero Dawn was initially slated to come out last year, but probably owing a lot to the Pro, it was pushed back to March of this year for another spit polish. It’s one of 2017’s most anticipated games, so here’s hoping it delivers.

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