Horizon: Zero Dawn Beats Nintendo’s ARMS In Sales Charts

Going out on a limb.


Nintendo’s Switch exclusive ARMS has been pipped to the top of the UK sales charts in its launch week by a revitalised Horizon: Zero Dawn.

Hailed as Nintendo’s big eSports gamble, ARMS came in at number two in the charts with the immortal GTA V coming in third.

Horizon’s unexpected rise is down to its price cut and, to a lesser extent, the reveal of its DLC at E3 2017.

Last week’s number 1, WipEout: Omega Collection, fell to fifth spot. FIFA 17, despite its “free” nature on EA Access and the imminent arrival of FIFA 18, charted in seventh.


Here’s the top ten in full:

1. Horizon: Zero Dawn
2. Arms
3. GTA V
4. Dirt 4
5. WipEout: Omega Collection
6. Tekken 7
7. FIFA 17
8. Overwatch
9. Injustice 2
10. Rocket League

The biggest question in gaming need to stop being “where is Half-Life 3?” and become “when the hell will people stop buying GTA V?” instead.


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