There’s A Hidden Message In the God of War PS4 Theme

"Mimir is stinky."

As part of the celebrations for the game’s first birthday, Sony and Santa Monica are in the midst of a whole week of giving thanks to the fans. We’ve already seen a video and a free dynamic theme, but the latter is hiding a message that may point towards the sequels.

Don’t read on unless you have beaten God of War.

Cultured Vultures spoilers

Here is the dynamic theme itself, which is a lovely shot of Kratos and Atreus chilling on the Lake of Nine, Kratos probably daydreaming about punching something’s throat in and Atreus trying to repress one of his sudden mood swings.

God of War dynamic theme

If you look a little closer at the middle of the boat, you will see a not-really-that-well-hidden message: “Ragnarok is coming.”

God of War Ragnarok is coming

Ragnarok is the major apocalyptic event of Norse mythology (the timeline Kratos now finds himself in) and is hinted at fairly often throughout God of War on PS4. When Baldur is defeated and Atreus and Kratos return home to rest, they dream of Thor and the coming of Ragnarok, which will no doubt be a big part of the franchise moving forward — God of War 2 (actually 5((8 if you count Ascension and the PSP games))) will most likely be a part of the PlayStation 5’s future.

In terms of Ragnarok itself, mythology dictates that it’s a series of events that eventually lead to cataclysms and the renewal of the world’s population through two human survivors. One of the catastrophic events is a battle between gods that causes the deaths of Thor, Odin, and, perhaps most interestingly of all, Loki: Atreus’ real name. Obviously Kratos is not going to allow that to happen.

We, like everyone else with fingers and eyes, quite enjoyed the latest game. From our God of War review:

“While the changes brought around for God of War may rankle some, it feels like the natural evolution for a series that you wouldn’t believe is now seven games deep, judging by just how re-energised it feels in its latest incarnation. Kratos is back, and so too is one of PlayStation’s least heroic heroes with great aplomb.”

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