Here’s What The PS5 Looks Like Naked

Mr. Sony, teardown that console.


Sony have published an official teardown video for the PS5, giving us a look at what’s going on inside the PS5. If you ever wanted to see the PS5 be slowly undressed, today is your lucky day. Alright, me calling it “naked” and saying it’s being “undressed” has made this a little bit weird, but make sure to check out the video above.


Are We Excited For The PS5?

We’re excited to get hands-on with the console and experience what the PS5 has to offer, especially after the strength of NBA 2K21’s gameplay footage that was released yesterday. However, I’m not sure why Sony would publish a teardown video instead of more PS5 gameplay if possible. Maybe they just wanted to preempt a wave of YouTubers doing their own teardown videos when the console launches.


When Does The PS5 Launch?

The PS5 will launch initially on November 12th for the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Mexico and South Korea, followed by a November 19th launch for the rest of the world, including the UK and the rest of Europe. The console will cost $499.99/£449.99, though the All-Digital version that doesn’t feature a disc drive will cost $399.99/£359.99.

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