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‘Guardians of the Galaxy – A Telltale Series’ Announced

Well this is certainly something to look forward to, isn’t it?

There were plenty of announcements from last night’s Game Awards, but this is one that certainly piqued my interest slightly more than most: Telltale are making a Guardians of the Galaxy game. Unfortunately, the teaser shown featured little more than a logo reveal, but at least it’s now confirmed to be coming “soon”.

This has been in the pipeline for a while, and we knew of Marvel’s partnership with the narrative-driven videogame developers since they announced it themselves last year. At the time, nobody was aware of which Marvel property Telltale would choose to adapt into a series, but speculation was everywhere. Then, it was pieced together that a tie-in of sorts to the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 might make sense, and then earlier last month it was leaked via a voice actors’ document that this was indeed the title in production. And now here we are.

So what did we actually see in this teaser? Well, as mentioned, not a lot. Honestly though, with a game that is essentially a clever blend of mostly cutscenes and brief interaction, I’d rather just know it’s coming out and leave it at that. The teaser does open to a not-so-subtle nod to Star Wars, however, with a cassette player flying over like the Star Destroyer at the start of Episode IV. So that’s nice. Notice it says “Rad Mix” instead of “Awesome Mix Vol. 1”, though. We’re then greeted to King Harvest’s rendition of ‘Dancing in the Moonlight‘, so at least the game seems to be capturing the same musically pleasing feel that the movie managed.

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