GTA V 57% Off On Humble Right Now

Seriously, who still doesn't have this?

Trevor GTA V

If you’re one of the nine people left with access to some kind of modern gaming platform and have never found the right time to buy the biggest entertainment product of all time, Humble has a deal for you.

GTA V will be marked down by 57% on Humble for the weekend, which represents a pretty significant drop.

You can buy several PC versions of the game, though the best value has to be the Premium Online Edition, which is only pennies more expensive than the standard edition and comes with a tonne of loot to get you started in GTA Online.

If you have already played GTA V to death on console, don’t forget that it can be modded to Carcer City and back on PC.

Elsewhere in Rockstar news, they have unveiled a new launcher dedicated to their games, fuelling expectations that Red Dead Redemption 2 for PC will be imminently announced.

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