GTA Online Heist Challenge Tasks Players To Earn $100 Billion

Assemble the crew once more.

GTA Online
GTA Online

Rockstar have announced that there’s a community challenge in effect in GTA Online, with players tasked with earning a set amount of money before November 18th. Doing so will net the community a free car next month, so it’s worth banding together to succeed here.


What Is The Heist Challenge?

The Heist Challenge tasks the entire community to earn $100 billion in Heist Finales by November 18th. Any Heist Finale will count, so your contributions will be counted no matter how big or small. If everyone hits the target, players will be gifted a special vehicle in December for their efforts, and even if the community doesn’t manage it, you’ll still get a badge for your troubles.

In order to help the community along the way, set up costs for The Diamond Heist have been reduced by 75%, meaning the barrier to entry for one of the most lucrative heists has been reduced. On top of that, there appears to be an increased chance of finding actual diamonds in the Casino vault.


Any Other GTA Online News I Should Know About?

Well, even if you don’t feel like getting involved with the Heist Challenge, logging on between now and November 18th will net you $1 million, which you can claim for the week following. The Casino Story missions will also net you double rewards, as will the Resurrection game type, so it pays to play.

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