Google’s VR Drum Keyboard Takes Typing to Silly Levels

VR drum keyboard

When they aren’t busy trying to make robots, Google tend to mess around like big kids with a lot of toys. One of their new toys is a VR drum keyboard because why the hell wouldn’t it be?

The video basically explains itself: you “drum” in virtual reality to type. The Daydream Labs team reportedly figured it out by using HTC Vive controllers and their own ridiculous minds:

“…in one week we built a virtual drum kit that used HTC Vive controllers as drumsticks. The following week, when we were debating how to make typing in VR more natural and playful, we thought — “what if we made a keyboard out of tiny drums?”

It would be pretty cool for this to be available for most people; we write all day and typing can get pretty monotonous. Mixing things up with some drumming would go down a storm, though there’s no guarantees that we aren’t just going to become world famous drummers and leave this writing thing behind.

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