5 Predictions for Godzilla vs. Kong

Whoever wins, we...have a good time.

Godzilla vs Kong
Godzilla vs Kong

It’s creeping up on eleven years since Toho announced Legendary Pictures and Warner Brothers would co-produce a Godzilla movie. Kaiju fans knew it wouldn’t be a one-and-done situation, and we’d get Toho’s impressive list of monsters in a series of colossal creature clashes. Following Godzilla’s success, Legendary Pictures set eyes on Kong. The seeds had been planted and it was all but confirmed what’d come to fruition once Universal Pictures gave Warner Bros. the rights.

The trailer is indicative that the forthcoming seismological smackdown won’t be anything like the 1962 movie, King Kong vs Godzilla. The first several seconds sees a city on the verge of irreparable destruction. In one shot we see a bloodthirsty brobdingnagian beast looming over skyscrapers as citizens flee in terror. Familiar as this awesome creature looks, it’s not Godzilla. What could this mean, you ask? Here’s 5 predictions for Godzilla vs. Kong.


1. Kong is the Emotional Core of the Story

We’re getting a look at the titular protagonist of Kong: Skull Island set roughly 50 years later. He has since grown, aged, and though he shows emotional comprehension in the aforementioned movie, here he has an undivulged connection to a little girl who looks to him as a protector. Not only does that offer more character development, it could prove to be a disadvantage for him.

In Kong’s history, never has he posed more of a threat than when he himself feels threatened. Taking him out of his natural habitat and bringing him to unfamiliar territory causes astronomical amounts of damage; buildings crumble, bridges collapse, and unfortunately people don’t make it. Despite it all, Kong’s loyalty is as immeasurable as his nobility, making him easy to route for.


2. A Crowning Achievement is Earned

Despite the fact Godzilla’s name starts with God, he’s considered king throughout the franchise, especially the 2019 sequel which shares its title with the 1956 Americanized version of the original. Kong, however, has only been called a king once, mostly being referred to as a god.

Whether or not Kong wins, his efforts will surely be worthy of honor and remembrance. Godzilla may have the power and respect of other Titans, but Kong’s potential sacrifice for the human race is at the very least deserving of some sort of decoration for valor. Either way, I don’t anticipate anyone at Legendary or Warner Bros. will permanently kill off one of the characters.


3. Skull Island Will Become the New “Monster Island.”

When the title for Kong: Skull Island was announced, I remember questioning and theorizing why a location would share title space with Kong. It’s remarkably specific, and yet so vague. It could have been because they wanted moviegoers to know that this isn’t a remake like the 1976 or 2006 productions. I’m thinking it’s because we’ll be learning more about that location.

Monarch has been searching for a way to let the Titans live among us. We have been shown an island where many different species reside, and potentially more could adapt. The bumpy ride to the island makes it seem like it’s in another realm. Should one monster bow to the other as many have to Godzilla, then they could live peacefully on said island, right?


4. The “MonsterVerse” Won’t End Here

Whether it’s a Ghidorah, Rodan or Mothra spinoff, it’s more than likely going to happen. Hell, there’s mention of ants in Kong: Skull Island, why not somehow incorporate a Them! remake? Maybe even with some of the more vague or newer monsters. In this latest series of films, there’s been mention of the creatures’ pasts fights and brief tellings of their origins. According to the film’s marketing: “One will fall”, but how long until they get back up?

More times than not, when there’s two big characters clashing and duking it out, there’s no real resolution and it’s partially because there’s no shortage of story within the MonsterVerse. The companies involved would be out of their minds to stop amid the popularity. There’s not only the older, well-known kaiju to utilize, but seemingly endless ideas for newer creatures — some of which we may get in Godzilla vs Kong to set up what comes next. We still know very little about Monarch.


5. Make Way for Mechanical Monsters

Each film prior to this monster mash shares information about how Titans contribute to the ecosystem. Easter eggs and informative end and post-credit sequences show newspaper headlines and website articles, one of which has a paragraph that states:

“De La Rosa went on to claim that Monarch was not only developing this mechanized giant on Skull Island, but had already tried to create organic Titans in the past, and that they are the cause of several of the recent Titan incidents.”

This, I believe, is what’s really provoking Godzilla. MechaGodzilla is obviously there, but why would he be created on Skull Island when Kong’s parents (at least one of them) had a battle with one of Godzilla’s? I doubt we’ll see Mecha-Skullcrawlers, though Skullcrawlers will likely be in the movie. What about the possibility of a Mechani-Kong? After all, these latest movies do seem to take inspiration from the Shōwa era, specifically the 1960s.

It’s noteworthy to consider that the development on Skull Island is done prior to King of the Monsters’s post-credit scene. Alan Jonah (if that’s the character’s real name) leads an eco-terrorism group, shown to have kept a severed head of Ghidorah. Could this mean we’ll get Mecha-King Ghidorah? How about Gigan? Or, since there’s mention of the Oxygen Destroyer, what about Destroyah? There looks to be a UFO in the trailer, so it’s anyone’s guess which direction they’ll go. Either way, we know Godzilla and Kong will inevitably team up.

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