Godfall’s Official Boxart Confirms You’ll Need An Always-Online Connection

But it's not a live service though. Honest.


Gearbox’s CEO Randy Pitchford has taken to Twitter to reveal Godfall’s official boxart, their upcoming PC and PS5 console exclusive brawler. The game has recently gone to print, with Pitchford himself claiming that the game is the first next-gen retail game to be manufactured in the world. Godfall is scheduled to launch next month on PS5 and PC. Check out his tweet below.


So What’s So Special About This?

The third picture showcases the back of the box, which contains a number of interesting details, one of them being the official blurb that goes no way towards explaining what the hell the game is about. Seriously, I’m lost here.

However, the boxart also reveals that Godfall will feature no online mode of any kind, meaning players will have to be online at all times in order to play Godfall. The boxart also claims that a PS+ Subscription is required, though GamesRadar+ have noted that you won’t need one when playing solo.

As for space, the box says that you’ll need 50GB of space on the PS5’s SSD in order to play Godfall, so make sure to manage your game installation Tetris accordingly. Finally, the Ascended Edition of Godfall will include the game’s first expansion when it launches and some digital goods to boot.


An Always Online Connection?

Yeah, you’ll need to make sure your wi-fi doesn’t crap out like mine does when playing Godfall. In fairness, Godfall’s developers Counterplay Games did confirm a week and a half ago on Twitter that it’d be always online, but now it’s officially on the box.

However, in that same Twitter response, the developers also state that Godfall isn’t a live service game. However, with the decision to be always online, coupled with the focus on acquiring better loot, playing in co-op and waiting for an expansion down the line to add more content, these all sound like hallmarks of a live service game. We’ll see if that holds true if we’re still playing Godfall over a year from now.

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