Is Ghostrunner 2 Coming To Xbox Game Pass?

It slices, it dices.

Ghostrunner 2
Ghostrunner 2

One of the biggest surprise hits of the past few years was Ghostrunner, the cyberpunk-infused “one hit and you die” slasher from One More Level Games that launched back in 2020. Blending together the parkour action of games like Mirror’s Edge with the experience of being a lethal and effective cyborg ninja, Ghostrunner became quite the popular hit for action game junkies, so it was no surprise when a sequel was greenlit almost immediately.

With Ghostrunner 2 launching right around the corner now, a lot of fans are wondering if Ghostrunner will become another addition to the Xbox Game Pass library. Microsoft have done an excellent job at ensuring huge, third-party single-player games launching day one onto the Xbox Game Pass service, so the question is whether or not Ghostrunner 2 will also be available on Xbox Game Pass.


Is Ghostrunner 2 Coming To Xbox Game Pass?

As of right now, Ghostrunner 2 is not coming to Xbox Game Pass, and there are no current plans to bring the cyberpunk slasher to the subscription service in the future either. Of course, this doesn’t mean that One More Level Games won’t bring Ghostrunner 2 to Xbox Game Pass at some point, as many titles have enjoyed a second lease on life when they’ve been added to the subcription service post launch.

While the original Ghostrunner hasn’t yet made an appearance on Xbox Game Pass, it was briefly available to Xbox Live Gold members and Game Pass Ultimate subscribers as part of the Free Play Days promotion, where players were able to enjoy a trial version of certain games for a full weekend.

On top of that, the PS5 version of the first Ghostrunner was part of the PS Plus line-up of games for March 2022, meaning that One More Level Games and the Ghostrunner franchise is no stranger to subscription services. If you look at it that way, it’s probably only a matter of time before Ghostrunner 2 finds its way to either Xbox Game Pass or one of the various PlayStation Plus tiers. Still, if you want to play Ghostrunner 2 at launch, you’d be better off paying for the game.


About Ghostrunner 2

The first Ghostrunner game saw the titular runner, referred to as Jack in-game, finding himself in the midst of a war between The Keymaster and The Architect, with both sides having their own grand designs regarding the future of humanity in this post-apocalyptic wasteland. After settling this war, you’d think Jack would be given a chance to rest for once, but nope. One year on, a violent AI cult has assembled outside of Dharma Tower, the last bastion of humanity, and it’s up to Jack to determine the future of the human race.

The action of Ghostrunner 2 is similar to its predecessor, with Jack dashing around, cutting up foes with his katana, but the level design has been massively overhauled for the sequel. Boss fights are a lot more interactive now, which should make for more interesting encounters, while levels are more open-ended and even include motorcycle sections, adding that extra layer of gameplay to all the blood and parkour.

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