Gears 5 Technical Test Starts July 19th, New Escalation Details Revealed

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Gears 5

The Coalition revealed that the multiplayer technical test for Gears 5 will start on July 19th for Xbox Game Pass subscribers, with players able to download the test from July 17th. During the test, players will be able to experience the competitive Escalation mode, along with the more casual Arcade mode and the classic King of the Hill game type.

The technical multiplayer test will also include a new Bootcamp mode that’s designed to train new players on the intricacies of Gears multiplayer, which can be a bit intimidating for new players. The test also features a set of challenges called Tour of Duty that’ll net you an exclusive banner in the full game upon completion, along with some weapon skins to be earned.

As for the Escalation Mode, new details about improvements to that mode have also been revealed. In Escalation, players compete over the course of 13 rounds to control 3 key objectives across the map, with each round lessening respawn timers and players adding new weapons to the map as the game progresses.

The video above goes into more details about how to gain victory, how the limited lives system works and the respawning formations. If you want to see how the mode works in action, you’ll only have to wait until this weekend ELEAGUE Summer Invitational on July 13-14th for a full Versus reveal. As for the test, it’ll run from July 19th to the 21st, and again the week after on July 26th to the 29th. Gears 5 will launch on Xbox and PC on September 10th, but Game Pass subscribers will be able to play a few days earlier.

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