UPDATE: Gameplay Footage Revealed Of Gears 5’s New Escape Mode

Looks like there's some big changes.

Gears 5

UPDATE: During today’s Inside Xbox stream, it was confirmed that the Escape Mode will also come with a creative mode, where players can create their own Escape levels before sharing them online, giving the mode a lot more replayability.

Earlier today, we covered the news that Gears 5 would be getting a September release date, but one of the other aspects of that reveal was the announcement that Gears 5 would be receiving a new mode: Escape. IGN have now published 14 minutes of gameplay showcasing how Escape works. Check it out below.

In Escape, teams of 3 try to work together to infiltrate a Swarm Hive, detonate some bombs and escape with their lives. While there’s no commentary, there’s a couple of key additions in that video that are worth nothing. Firstly, Escape seems to support difficulty modifiers, as indicated by the loading screen at the start of the video.

Secondly, players now seem to have Ultimate like attackers, with the player we’re following in the video utilising an electric knife to do some serious melee damage. Lastly, the enemies now appear to have health bars, which ties into the difficulty modifiers from before.

It’s clear that the Escape mode is Gears done differently, though we have to wonder how those changes will affect the rest of the game. We’ll find out more when Gears 5 launches this September.

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