Futuristic Racing Game Pacer Launches On PC & PS4 Today, Xbox Release Soon

Had to resist the urge to write "Racer Pacer" in the headline.


Wipeout Omega Collection was nice, right, but it’s probably going to take a miracle for us to see a brand new Wipeout or F-Zero game, so let’s support indie developers making antigrav racers themselves. Pacer is one such title, launching today on PC and PS4, with an Xbox One release shortly afterwards, and you can check out the trailer for yourself below.

Pacer is developed by R8 Games, which was founded by Andrew Walker, a member of the development of Wipeout 3 at Psygnosis Leeds, and several members of the team also cut their teeth at Psygnosis. If nothing else, you know for certain that Pacer has the same level of development pedigree as some of the genre’s best, which is always reassuring.

As racers go, Pacer seems to be packed with content, with 14 tracks that can be played in up to 8 different combination variants, 5 types of racecraft that can be fully customised and a campaign mode that sees players join one of 10 different teams. Hopefully, Pacer will offer the same level of quality that previous antigrav racers in the genre have offered.

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