Fortnite Winter Trials: Sign Up, Rewards & More

What is this thing?

Fortnite Winter Trials
Fortnite Winter Trials

Barely a day goes by when Epic aren’t trying something new with Fortnite, whether that’s some new crossover or event. Fortnite’s Winter Trials may be the perfect middle ground for both of those, offering crossovers with famous streamers that rewards players for taking part in a special set of challenges.

Here’s everything you need to know about the Fortnite Winter Trials, including where you can sign up, what you can earn, and whether it’s worth your time.


What Is Fortnite’s Winter Trials?

To boil it down to the basics: Winter Trials is basically like a punchcard that you can fill with badges to earn free cosmetics. You earn badges by supporting creators during their Influencer Tournament and playing the game.

Once you pledge allegiance to a content creator’s team for their Influencer Tournament, you can then vote for a challenge and just generally play the game to unlock badges over the course of Winter Trials.

You can sign up at, but only if you are in North America and you must also make your stats public. The website does seem to be struggling to load at this time of writing.

Winter trials runs from January 26th, 6PM ET until January 31st at midnight.


Winter Trials Rewards

The Fortnite Winter Trials rewards are, honestly, not great.

For claiming one badge (basically just signing up) over the course of Winter Trials, you will unlock this Unicorn Spray.

Fortnite Unicorn Spray
Fortnite Unicorn Spray

For claiming six badges, you will unlock this Snowball emoticon.

Fortnite Winter Trials emoticon
Fortnite Winter Trials emoticon

For claiming twelve badges, you will unlock this special Winter Trials wrap, which is easily the best reward.

Fortnite Winter Trials Wrap
Fortnite Winter Trials Wrap

Not the best selection of rewards, though probably enough incentive for many to take part in Winter Trials.


How Do I Get More Winter Trials Badges?

While you can get one badge for voting for an influencer challenge, one for the initial sign up, and another badge for supporting a team on the website, the best way to get badges in Winter Trials is simply to play Fortnite.

You get one badge every 20 minutes of normal play during the Winter Trials, as long as you are in Solos, Squads, or Duos. So, if you play for six hours or so, you will unlock every reward available during the Winter Trials.

While definitely a neat distraction until Season 6 arrives, the Winter Trials don’t seem to have been explained all that well, so it’d be no surprise to see many players just getting confused. Still, free stuff is free.

Fortnite is free-to-play on PC via the Epic Games Store, PS5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and Android.

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