Fortnite Shadow Midas’ Drum Gun Stats and Location (Fortnitemares 2020)

Out from the shadows.

Shadow Midas Drum Gun
Shadow Midas Drum Gun

Midas is back in Fortnite, though not quite as the same dashing secret agency boss you once knew. Shadow Midas is a more ghoulish variant of the Season 2 tier 100 skin, and he also has Shadow Midas’ Drum Gun in his arsenal.

Shadow Midas’ Drum Gun, which is closer to the original Drum Gun than the severely nerfed Drum Gun of later seasons, is a Mythic weapon that can be equipped by defeating Shadow Midas. Here’s everything you need to know about Shadow Midas’ Drum Gun for Fortnitemares 2020.


Shadow Midas’ Drum Gun Stats

Reload Time2.7 seconds
Magazine Size40
Fire Rate8.5

Shadow Midas’ Drum Gun is as close to the OG Drum Gun that we’ve had since it was originally vaulted. Its fire rate is absurd, meaning that it can tear through enemies and builds within seconds. It’s a little imbalanced, but the game has moved on a lot from the spray and pray meta when the Drum Gun was initially released.

Base damage is 24, fire rate is 8.5, and the clip size is 40. That’s a lot of spraying.


Shadow Midas’ Drum Gun Location

The Ruins Fortnite
The Ruins Fortnite

Shadow Midas’ Drum Gun can be found in The Ruins, which used to be called The Agency/The Authority, just as it was when Midas and then Jules ruled the POI.

Shadow Midas himself, just like all of the other boss characters, will roam the POI so you will never have his exact location, though we have seen him in the lobby twice. Based on the other bosses, Shadow Midas will have roughly 500 HP and drop the Drum Gun once you defeat him.

An interesting wrinkle here is that Shadow Midas will be backed up by loads of Henchmen with rocket launchers, so you will have to be pretty lucky to eliminate him. Not to mention the other players who will be landing at the POI to claim the Drum Gun and then coming back to life as a Shadow.

Remember to just keep shooting Shadow Midas to stagger him a little, preferably aiming at his head for critical damage. Try not to get too close as the Drum Gun will absolutely tear through your HP before you can even react.

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