Fortnite Season X Storm Racers: Land On Polar Peak, A Volcano And A Hill Top With A Circle Of Trees

The race is on.

We’re approaching the end of Season X now as we enter Week 8. Week 8 drops the ‘Storm Racers’ mission, which as you might expect, focuses on storm and race themed challenges. This article focuses on the fifth challenge in the mission: ‘Land on Polar Peak, a volcano and a hilltop with a circle of trees. As this is the fifth challenge in the mission, you’ll have to complete two challenges before this one is available.

Below is a map with all three Polar Peak, volcano and a hill top with a circle of trees landing locations circled.


Landing Locations

Fortnite polar trees

The volcano (circled in red) and Polar Peak (circled in purple) are fairly obvious standout locations on the map. The circle of trees on a hilltop is a little less obvious and is circled in red. All three locations are spread out across the map, but as you need to land on them after exiting the Battle Bus, but you can only do one per match anyway.


Circle Of Hilltop Trees

Fortnite hilltop trees

This is the only real location that requires a bit of map knowledge to locate. It has been in the game since the game’s inception (though it has undergone some changes since then), being rebranded as ‘stunt mountain’. You’ll find it south of Pleasant Park, occupying the border of C4 and C5 on the main map’s grid.


Polar Peak

Polar Peak

It’s Polar Peak, nothing too fancy about it. Just land on the mountain and you’ll receive credit. C8 on the main map’s grid.



Fortnite volcano
The ‘volcano’ is now a geothermal power plant called Pressure Plant. Like Polar Peak, land at the location to get credit. You’ll find it occupying H3 and H4 on the main map’s grid.


Video Guide

As mentioned earlier, completing the challenge itself is very straightforward, with the only real bamboozle coming from the hilltop location, being a non-named location compared to the other two. Veterans of Fortnite who have had previous seasons’ challenges send them there would be intimately familiar with it, however.

This week, completing all (seven) of the normal challenges will award you the Epic backbling ‘Gameplan’, which looks very similar to the first Game Boy from the 90s.

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