Fortnite Season X Boogie Down: Visit The Oversized Piano


Week 6 of Fortnite Season X has arrived, bringing us the ‘Boogie Down’ mission. The halfway point of Season X is another interesting one. Boogie Down has a dance related theme, with most of the challenges consisting of varied ways to dance somewhere.

A relatively short one this time around, this guide focuses on both the normal and prestige versions of the Oversized Piano challenge. This challenge is primarily a landmark search location, with the prestige version packing an extra requirement once you locate it again.


Oversized Piano Location

Fortnite piano

Fortnite Piano location

As you can see, the Oversized Piano is located towards the far east of the map, near the coastline.


Oversized Piano Location

Fortnite Piano RL

The Oversized Piano is located southeast of Lonely Lodge. For those of you who did the Week 5 challenge with the rundown superhero mansion, it is very slightly north of that atop a small hill. It is located at J5 on the main map’s grid.


Video Guide

For the normal version of the challenge, all you need to do is walk up to the Oversized Piano to complete the challenge.


Prestige Challenge

The prestige version of this challenge is to visit this same piano. But rather than just visiting it, you’re required to play the sheet music next to it. Jump on the corresponding keys in order to complete the challenge (C, E, G, E, C).

Be aware that the notes have duplicate letters, but one has a square border and one has a circle. Hitting the note with the wrong border will not award credit. In the picture provided, all the notes are of the square border variety which are consolidated on the left side of the Oversized Piano’s keys.

Completing all the normal challenges, will unlock the SC3PT3R pickaxe skin and completing all the prestige challenges will unlock the Formal White Style recolour for the YOND3R skin.

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