Fortnite Season X Blockbuster: Land At A Run Down Hero Mansion & An Abandoned Villain Hideout

Throwback hunting.

Week 5 of Fortnite Season X is here and with it comes the ‘Blockbuster’ mission. Compared to Week 4, Week 5’s challenges are far more fleshed out and interesting. As the mission’s name suggests, these challenges have a distinct movie theming to them. They’re much more varied than Week 4, with the Prestige challenges even feeling like a whole new set of seven challenges for the most part.

This article focuses on the normal and prestige versions that ask you to visit the old Season 4 (which had a big focus on superhero style movies) Hero Mansion and Abandoned Villain hideout, which have seen better days. The normal challenge asks you to land at either location once, the normal challenge asks you to search seven chests at either the hideout or mansion.

Neither of these challenges appear difficult on the surface, but both the rund won Hero Mansion and abandoned Villain Hideout aren’t marked locations of the map. Additionally, they’ve wasted away so much in the intervening seasons that they’re somewhat unrecognisable if you didn’t know about their existence before (challenging newer players).

Below is a map with the run down Hero Mansion circled in red and the abandoned Villain Hideout circled in blue.


Hero Mansion And Villain Hideout Map

Fortnite Villain Hero Locations

As you can see, the two locations are (fittingly) on the opposite sides of the map from each other. They’re both in relatively out of the way locations as well, especially the Villain Hideout which is built into a mountain.


Run Down Hero Mansion Location

Fortnite Run Down Mansion

Fortnite Run Down Mansion 1

The run down Hero Mansion has been in a state of disrepair for a while now, looking ready to finally collapse under its own weight at any moment. You can find this X-men style Xavier’s mansion to the very east of the map near the coastline. It will be directly south of Lonely Lodge and east of Retail Row, occupying both J5 and J6 on the main maps grid.


Abandoned Villain Hideout

Fortnite Villain lair

Fortnite Villain Lair

The abandoned Villain Hideout has also seen better days, with its rocket going missing. This hideout is built into the side of a mountain and is very difficult to get to without either a decent amount of building materials of landing up there. You’ll be able to find it northeast of Snobby Shores and southwest of Pleasant Park. It occupies B4 and B5 on the main map’s grid.


Run Down Mansion And Abandoned Villain Hideout Video Guide

Now that you know where both the mansion and hideout are located, all you need to do for the normal challenge is land at each one. One per match, in any order. For the Prestige challenge, you can land at either one (I prefer the hideout, I tend to find more chests) and search seven chests over as many games as it takes.

Completing these two challenges brings you closer to the ‘Renegade Rollers’ pickaxe skin and the ‘Wildstyle’ Teknique recolour.

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