Fortnite Season X Boogie Down: Dance With Others To Raise The Disco Ball In An Icy Plane Hangar

Ice cold dance moves.

Fortnite Season X, Week 6 has arrived, bringing with it the season’s midway mission, ‘Boogie Down’. The Boogie Down mission consists primarily of challenges focused on dancing, as often as possible and in as many locations as possible. Overall it is a fairly varied and interesting week of challenges, hot off the heels of Week 5.

This is a relatively quick guide that focuses on the prestige challenge ‘dance with others to raise the disco ball in an icy plane hangar’. This is a hybrid landmark search and task challenge, in which you need to first locate the disco ball, then dance on specific ‘dance floors’ to raise the disco ball to the ceiling. Remember this is a prestige challenge and requires that you have completed all seven normal challenges and one other prestige challenge before you’re able to access it.

Below is a map of the location you’ll need to visit.


Icy Plane Hangar And Disco Ball Map Location

As you might expect from the description, the icy plane hangar is located at Frosty Flights. There are two plane hangars here and the disco ball is located inside the westernmost one, closest to the coastline. You find it at A8 on the main map’s grid.


The Disco Ball

The disco ball itself is quite hard to miss, but you’ll also notice two dance floors either side of the Disco Ball. Dancing on one of these floors will light it up and begin playing a beat, but this is where cooperation comes into the mix as you are unable to dance on both floors at once. The disco ball with only rise if both floors are lit up, which means you’ll need one other person to help you complete this challenge at a minimum.


Video Guide

As you can expect, getting this done in solo mode might present an issue (very early on after release not so much, as everyone is keen to complete the challenge), so it is recommended that you pick a mode where you have a teammate: duo, squads and rumble all work. This will not only protect you from betrayal, but also give you a higher chance of survival should someone be camping it for free eliminations.

Completing this prestige challenge will bring you one (of seven) steps closer to finishing the Boogie Down prestige mission. The capstone reward for the prestige mission this week is the Formal White Style recolour for the YOND3R skin.

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